Welcome to the website of Taunton Deane Audio News, a Talking Newspaper and a free weekly resource for people with sight loss living in the area.

Before we tell you about what we do, if you have any difficulty reading this page, there is a wheelchair (or dark square) symbol on the top right of the screen. Clicking on this will open a menu, which allows you to change and increase or decrease the size of the text, and to vary, or invert the screen contrast and colour to make it easier to read.

Alternatively, if you have speakers connected and the volume is turned up, you can also have some pages read to you. You can do this in a couple of ways.

Either, click on the button, “Listen to Post”, located at the top left of some of the pages. Or using a mouse, select any text you want read, (by holding down the left mouse button), and a couple of seconds after you release the mouse button, it will be read to you. Hovering over or selecting any hyperlinks, will also result in it being read to you.

Finally the last few editions of the news can be found within the “recent posts” area. The latest at the top. Clicking on the arrow head located on the left of the first line will play all items seamlessly. Clicking on the arrow head again will pause the playback. Clicking on any track will result in it being read, starting at that track.

Now to tell you something about what we do.

The news stories we record come from our two district papers The Somerset  County Gazette, and the Wellington Weekly News.

Within each weekly edition we include the main area news, but we can include a wide and varied content including; sports news; planning decisions; court cases;  events; regular columnists; short and amusing items and the list could go on and on.  Lots of it would not normally be covered by local radio or television.

Each edition is around an hour long and is normally recorded on a Friday evening. We then duplicate it on to a USB memory stick, which is posted so that it can reach our listeners the next day. These memory sticks can be played on a computer, or on a free player, that we will supply free of charge, and which we would be happy to show you how to use. It’s very simple.

To give our talking newspaper a try, please fill in the form on the “New Listener Request” menu, which can be found at the top of any page, or phone us on 01823 283956.  Here is a link to our Data Privacy Policy. The service, used regularly by around 70 people, is completely free to visually impaired people living in, and around the Taunton Deane district. We hope to hear from you soon, and would love for you to give us a try.