Meet the Teams

There are five teams of volunteers who read the news, and they are all named after five local ranges of hills surrounding the Taunton Deane area. The other “team” is that of the committee, which meets on a quarterly basis, and at the Annual General Meeting.

These teams consist of the following readers and in no particular order, these are:

The Polden Team consists of: Martyn Trott (Editor);  Margaret Senior; Linda Dalton; Alison Perry; Eileen Fowler; Penny Clothier; Pat; Janice; Bill Perry (Technician).

The Brendon Team consists of: Angela Thow; Martin Cursham; Alison Cursham; Henry Besley; Derek Smalley; David Montgomery; David Janes (Technician/Editor).

The Quantock team consists of: Claire Hanigan; Steve Jenkins; Derek Smalley; David Brown; Andrew Janes (Editor); David Janes and Neville Ward (Technicians).

The Mendip Team consists of: John Palmer; Nick Axon; Jean Algrove; David Low; David Brown; Joan Bird; Trevor Snow; Terry Price; Peter Knott and Tim Duffen (Technicians).

The Blackdown Team consists of: Lorna Aldridge; Caroline Farrent; Andrew Janes;  Neville Ward (Technician).

We are always very pleased to welcome new readers into the teams. If you would like to come along to see what it is all about, and if you are happy, to give it a try, then please have a look at the Volunteering page.

The Committee:

The committee members are:

Chairman: Andrew Janes.
Treasurer: Bill Tucker.
Secretary: Gillian Robson.
Distribution Co-ordinator: David Janes.
Technical Officer: Bill Perry.
Members: Linda and Steve Bradford and Dorothy Killick.

You can contact any member of the committee via email from the Contact Us page.