Player Instructions

Taunton Deane Audio News send out the weekly news recordings recorded on to USB memory sticks. These are contained within blue plastic wallets. The USB memory sticks may be played on your own computer or a personal USB player. However, if you do not own either of these, we can easily supply an “Orb” player, free of charge, and show you how to use it.

In case you can’t remember what the buttons do or how it works, here are some simple guidance notes to help you on your way.

The player is about the size of a grapefruit, with three sides flattened off.

The middle sized flat side is the base. This also contains a hatch where batteries can be inserted. You only need batteries if you are not going to use a mains adaptor. Just behind and above the base, there is a small round hole. This is where the plug from the mains adaptor is inserted. Above that hole is another round hole, which we do not use.

Above these holes is the smallest flat side, which has a  vertically aligned oblong hole in the middle, which is where the USB stick is inserted. This can only go in one way. The USB stick has a metal cover and this has a raised dot stuck on one side. This is to help you know which way up it should be. To align the stick, with the player facing you, the raised dot should be on the right hand side. The USB stick can then be gently and easily inserted into the oblong hole, until it stops.

Now back to the front of the Orb. The larger flat side contains the speaker and around it are arranged six buttons,  two slide switches and two lights.

If you now hold the player so that the smaller flat side is on the bottom, and the larger flat side is towards you.  We will now explain what the buttons and switches do, using a clock face as a guide.

At the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions are two slide switches. The one at the top, selects if the recording is played just once, or if it will keep playing the recording, when it gets to the end. We suggest this switch should be pushed to the left and then left alone, so the recording is just played once.

At the 6 o’clock position is the power switch. It is off, when the switch is pushed towards the left. It is on, when the switch is pushed towards the right side.

There are now six small push buttons.

The first pair are located at the 5 minutes to and past the hour positions. These move the playing recording either back or forward one track. The 5 minutes to button, moves back one track. So as an example if what you have just heard contains a telephone number,  press this button, to hear that track again.  The 5 minutes past the hour button moves on to the next track.

The next pair of buttons control the volume. They are located at the quarter to and a quarter past the hour positions. The button at the quarter to position decreases the volume. The button at a quarter past the hour, increases the volume. Just keep pressing and releasing either button, till the volume is right  for you.

The final two buttons have different functions so are not a pair. The button at the 25 minutes to the hour, will pause or start a recording. Useful if you are listening and you then get a phone call. Press this to pause the recording,  and then press it again to  start again where you stopped it.

The button at the 25 minutes past the hour position, changes the tone of the playback. It makes it harder, or softer. Just keep pressing it to cycle through the available options.

Finally, between these last two buttons and the on/off switch at the 6 o’clock position, are two lights. The left hand one is lit when the player is switched on. The right hand one is lit when the USB stick is inserted correctly, and it is ready to play or is playing.