We would love to hear from you, if you are interested in reading the news for one of our teams.

To read the news, you just need to read out loud the newspaper articles. To make it easy for our listeners to listen too, it helps if this is done in a fluent manner and with reasonable expression. Don’t worry about making mistakes, everyone does, and the technician can easily rewind to a spot prior to the mistake so you can start again.

If you are more technically minded and are used to using computers, would you like to volunteer to be a technician, who sets up the computer and records the news using special software. At the end of the recording session, your final job would be to duplicate the recordings on to the USB memory sticks, and upload the recordings on to this website.

Technicians just need to be conversant with a Windows 7 computer. Full training will be given in the use of the recording software and the duplication machine.

The recordings are not an onerous task, as each team records one week in five. The recording session normally takes two to three hours, and depending on the team,  starts around 5.30pm.

If you would like to get involved, please click  this “I would like to volunteer” form, then fill it in and we will get back to you.